I ace efficiency.

The greatest gift technology has brought to us is being able to knock off major chores from our cell phones, aka while on the train or on the toilet, either way time well spent. Thanks to the Subscribe & Save, Prime, and Smile programs at Amazon, I am able to spend less time anticipating my needs, consistently have what I need in stock or en route, avoid overstocking or placing duplicate orders, save 20% on products I use most, and donate to a cause which matters to me with every dollar spent. Impressive, right?

Peep the sexy and excellent¬†Subscribe and Save store.¬†Since I have Prime, I get 20% off diapers (!) which itself pays for annual Prime membership in savings. I also have several automatic subscriptions, timed based on usage, so I have never run out of toilet paper, toothpaste, olive oil, or Chocolate Sea Salt Rx Bars, which are my go-to snack as I enjoy another round of Whole 30 fun. If you can’t find items you want on a regular basis, just do the math; I subscribe to a three-pack of hair clips to arrive every six months at $4 a package, but adding that subscription saved me $9 one month, so it certainly paid off!

Finally, instead of going to http://www.amazon.com, I go to smile.amazon.com, and log into my account through the charity I’ve chosen via Amazon Smile. It’s not gazillions of dollars – .5% of purchase price – but considering how much I shop on Amazon, it adds up. And every shekel counts right? Free money for a cause that matters. (BTW, if you are looking for a cause to support via Amazon Smile, might I suggest Southern Poverty Law Center?)