Organizing Services

With over a decade of experience, I’m delighted to offer a range of organizing services designed to meet you wherever you’re most comfortable. I’m a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and I abide by NAPO’s Code of Ethics, so your privacy is of the utmost importance and you can be assured of complete confidentiality. (For clients hiring me for certain projects, a mutual non-disclosure agreement will be required.)

Professional organizers vary greatly in their areas of expertise as well as the manner in which they work with their clients. If you feel that I’m not the right match for you, I’ll be happy to refer you to organizer colleagues who may better suit your needs; I’ve built a network of talented productivity coaches and organizational psychologists and we stand at the ready to assist each other in serving our clients. For me, ideally, clients will be active participants in the process of organization so that we can revise and improve current routines and make staying organized easier than the alternative. The stress of breaking habits has to be outweighed by the convenience and efficiency of a better way of doing things! At the same time, when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to regain control, you may wish to retain my services to overhaul your system and then work with you on maintenance, and I am happy to assist my clients in this manner, without judgment; again, I will meet you where you’re most comfortable.

First, please schedule a phone consultation with me so we can discuss your needs. Feel free to email me with any important information you want to be certain we review in your consult. On our call, I’ll listen to you assess your situation, and offer options in terms of what guidance I can provide. We’ll figure out how to move forward from there, whether it means meeting in person to begin work or referring you to a trusted colleague. There is no charge for the phone consultation.

One service I am thrilled to offer my clients is the “KonMari” clothing overhaul, which pays homage to the wonderful book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. We’ll go through all of your clothing and put back – in an infinitely maintainable manner – the items which “spark joy.” Everything else leaves with me, to be donated (and I’ll get you the appropriate tax documentation), sold (and I’ll give you the documentation and payment), or thrown out (and I’ll dispose of everything). This is an all-day affair, with incredible, game-changing results. When you awaken to dress the next morning, you’ll notice a palpable difference.