ARB, CPO? Yes, please. (Or, what I did in May!)

Although I’ve been out of academia for a full decade (!) the nerd within me will never stop being curious about everything. I love learning! And figuring out how things tick is a favorite hobby of mine, to be certain.

I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers and have begun the process of applying for my Certified Professional Organizer certification. I find that it really goes hand-in-hand with the work I do with insurance; often I’ll meet with clients in their homes or their offices and they’ll be embarrassed about the clutter (which, please take my word for it, actually does always look worse to you!) and I’ll mention that I do organizing work professionally. I’ll offer (gently) to make suggestions as we interact. Most clients are thrilled to learn a few tricks, and many are eager to retain me for assistance either with a specific project or on an as-needed basis. (I also hear “no thank you” loud and clear; I am not interested in giving tips to people who aren’t interested – how insulting and annoying would that be?!) I’m completely up-front about everything with my clients, both for organizing and insurance. Transparency makes my relationships, personal and professional, strong and meaningful.

In May, I worked to complete NAPO’s basic coursework, and I am now officially a professional member. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed PO-101: Fundamental Organizing and Productivity Principles. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first – I’ve been incorporating organizing techniques and productivity refinement lessons into my professional work for over a decade! – but then I learned that my instructor would be Deb Stanley, whose organizing work is super interesting, and I walked away thinking about the concepts behind my organizing work in a fresh, new way. My next required course, PO-102: Fundamental Organizing and Productivity Skills, was led by Perri Kersh, whose website inspired me to develop case studies for each of my clients, was also terrific! My favorite of the classes thus far, though, was PO-103: Ethics for Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists, led by Margaret Lukens. I was totally blown away by scenarios I never imagined could happen, some from Ms. Lukens’ own experience. I feel more equipped now to meet new clients, having given thought to myriad issues which face my colleagues daily.

I’m still working towards my Certified Professional Organizer designation, which requires further classes as well as documentation of my projects. I’ve completed PO-206: Project Management for Professional Organizers and  PO-207: Client Intake Interviews, both which will count towards the special Residential Organizing Specialist track, which I think makes sense given the nature of my current clientele.

Please let me know if you’re interested in working together!

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