#FixItBlitz: the top desk drawer

Although I used this tag on my very first post here on AudreyBeerman.com, I’ll explain it here: #FixItBlitz is what I call that beautiful moment when I can jump into a situation, take five minutes (or similar superfast period), and make a positive change for a client. (Or friend or family member or myself!)

I met with one of my clients in his midtown Manhattan office to discuss plans for his lower Manhattan apartment. His assistant came in to ask for a receipt and as he struggled to find it I was surprised to see that the best real estate in town – his top desk drawer – was such a disaster. I asked him if he could leave me and the drawer alone and go to the bathroom or to grab a soda. He paused and seemed to consider putting up a fight and then smiled, thanked me, and closed the door behind him. (Because he knew.) 


See the photo for yourself! My client’s top drawer was just overflowing (and sometimes not actually closing, I later learned ::cringe::) with actual really useful stuff and totally useless junk co-mingled. Not the best way to be painfully efficient, as is required of my busy client!


  1. Basic organization tips we can adopt in many places: Like items are grouped together. Frequently needed items are moved to the front, and infrequently needed items are moved to the back. (Except the staples. My client jokingly made a fuss about keeping them in front! Clients always have the final say, I reassured him!)
  2. The nature of #FixItBlitz means supplies aren’t always available, and more crucially, many clients come to me and simply cannot or will not invest in organizational products. A little MacGuyver action keeps me sharp, folks! I’m up to the challenge! In this case, instead of buying a proper drawer organizer, for instance, I cut the top off of the cardboard safety pin box so it became more convenient.
  3. Don’t be afraid to throw stuff out. That lone birthday candle? That impressive but unnecessary collection of rubber bands? Yeah, I was not crying as those were staring up at me from the trash can, and neither will you! Recycle, reuse, donate, sell – and throw away when necessary. Mental clutter matters, and the weight of holding onto something that isn’t working just drags us down.
  4. My client now has an envelope on his desk, adjacent to his outbox, which is clearly marked for receipts. He showed it to his assistant, who gave me a knowing smile, and she retrieved the first receipt out of there. It’s hard to get people to change their behaviors, but now he knows that putting a receipt in that envelope instead of just throwing it in his top desk drawer will save him time and effort later, so he’ll do it. We didn’t try to break a habit; we upgraded his routine!

In other good news, we found $12.30 in change! Told him he could treat for a cab back to Grand Central.

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