#FixItBlitz – wedding place cards

Today is my seventh wedding anniversary! I am still so very much madly in love with my awesome husband Hal. Planning our wedding was perhaps the greatest expression of my organizational prowess. I became a well-oiled machine built of Excel spreadsheets and specifically-worded intelligently-delegated tasks.

As we know, weddings can be bonkers over-the-top expensive. It was a joy to find creative ways to make our wedding extra special without breaking the bank. These fantastic place cards were quick, inexpensive, and easy – a trifecta of wedding planning perfection.

I wanted funky, different place cards to greet our guests upon arrival at our wedding reception, but I wasn’t willing to devote a lot of our budget considering I knew the vast majority would end up in the trash by the end of the evening. I used Vistaprint for fantastic double-sided full-color business cards and clear Avery address labels, run through my printer, for the names and table numbers. Thanks to eBay I found mini-topiaries for a very reasonable price – and remember, you don’t need one place card holder per GUEST, but per PLACE CARD – so couples only need one for two. Voila! Funky, bright place cards.

Awesome tip: Replace a few guests’ names with meaningful nicknames. My childhood best friend loved seeing her place card as Peanut and was giggling while walking to her table. Weddings have the potential to be magical and meaningful for everyone in attendance!

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